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A Reminder of Jesus' Healing

July 2, 2016

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Happy Odd-idays! : March Celebrations

April 1, 2019

What’s an “odd-iday”?  It’s just our little name for the multitude of slightly strange, but nonetheless official, days that have been claimed on our nation’s calendar.


An “odd-iday” presents a special opportunity for families to create new traditions especially fit for their unique lives!  With freedom from the expectations of our more well-known holidays, you can bring both significance and silliness to any month of your family’s year!  So come here for monthly suggestions for celebrations and activities sure to bond you all in fresh ways.  Pick a day or two each month and let the fun begin!




Tuesday, March 5 – Learn What Your Name Means Day                                            


Celebration Suggestions:

  • Have you ever shared with your children how you came to choose their names (first and middle)?  Make today the day to share away!  Then, look up the conventional meaning of each of your names.

  • Share the origin/or research the origin of your family’s surname

  • Create your own family “crest”.  Look online for some medieval examples and make a zany one of your own incorporating things unique to your family members

  • Everyone choose their “new” first name for the night and see if you can make it through the evening using each other’s new names!  Give a small prize to whoever does the best honoring the new names.


Tuesday, March 19 – Let’s Laugh Day


Celebration Suggestions:

  • Give everyone the challenge of finding a joke to tell at your evening meal together.  Award the most laugh-inducing one.

  • Look for videos on the internet of babies laughing.  See how many you have to watch in a row before you start laughing yourself.

  • Google the health benefits laughing and learn about it together.

  • Rent or access the “Thou Shalt Laugh” series of videos online, or at the library.  Good clean, Christian comedy! (check out Taylor Mason and his puppets!)


Thursday, March 21 - Absolutely Incredible Kid Day


Celebration Suggestions:

  • Prepare some simple certificates that officially declare why your kid is so incredible and have an awards ceremony over dinner.

  • Have your children suggest a classmate who needs encouragement and send them a card telling them they how incredible they are

  • Read I Timothy 12:4 together and remind yourselves of how God used faithful young people in stories recorded for us in the Bible.


Thursday, March 28 – Something on a Stick Day


Celebration Suggestions:

  • Have fun with your food!  If you’re packing lunches do a little prep ahead to figure out ways to incorporate “stick worthy foods”

  • If it’s warm enough, make some kebabs for grilling.

  • End the night with popsicles… or make your own with each person choosing their favorite beverage to freeze on “Something on a Stick Day Eve”.


Saturday, March 30 – Take a Walk in the Park Day


Celebration Suggestions:

  • Head out into the spring weather, choosing a favorite local park or driving a little first and exploring a new spot.

  • Prepare the first picnic of the year and make a true day of it!

  • Google “nature scavenger hunt” to make your first park outing of 2019 into a bit of a competitive game.


P.S.  March 5th is Shrove Tuesday (which tends to only be recognized as Mardi Gras on our current calendars) and March 6th is Ash Wednesday.  If your children don’t know the spiritual significance of these days, make a first attempt to explain them in kid-friendly ways!

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