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A Reminder of Jesus' Healing

July 2, 2016

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5 Tips to Living as a Missional Family

June 2, 2016

Ladies, it is time to step up and step out.  Husbands may be the head of the household but we cannot hide behind them and shirk our responsibilities as disciples of Jesus Christ.  Jesus has called each and every one of us, above all else, to make disciples. It is tempting and incredibly easy for us to think that someone else will take care of it. It is easy for us to use our hectic crazy lives as an excuse not to step up to the plate. It is easy for us to think our lives are not worth following and therefore it cannot be our responsibility to make disciples. Does any of this sound familiar? I understand. I really do. But God has been putting on my heart the need to stand strong in my faith and in His promises.  Jesus said that He would build His church. He also commanded us, as believers, to make disciples.  Over the past 2 years I have been traveling this path and navigating the stresses of everyday life with the growing need to follow Jesus’ command. I don’t pretend to have all the answers but as I continue, I see many women struggling with the same things that I have.  What better time to step up and step out to help these women navigate paths I’ve been on?


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One of the main things I’ve learned is that my family and mission are not two separate entities. This is a difficult concept for this generation. People are either work driven or family driven.  As a mother I find myself being family driven and using my family as an excuse not to step up. . I work 45 hours a week and the idea of taking any more time away from my child rips my heart.  Family is, and should be, a priority but it is not the only priority. The challenge for us, as women of faith, is to grow as a family ON mission, together.  A few things to remember and implement as you make the transition from family and mission to being  a family ON mission:


  1. Mission does not need to be an extra activity. Invite others into the life you are already leading. Are you taking your child/children to the park or library? Make it an open invitation to all and use it as an opportunity to connect with people.  Go grocery shopping with other people. Everyone needs to buy food, you may as well do it together.

  2. Family is not always blood. Jesus said, “My mother and my brothers are those who hear the word of God and do it.” (Luke 8:21, ESV) Allow your circle, your life, to open and include others on a similar mission.  Let your child/children see you connecting with other people on a deeper level.  Relationships are a key part of discipleship.

  3. Have some FUN.  Families on mission cannot be all challenge or you will lose more people than you will gain. Incorporate kids, allow adults to loosen up together. The family that plays together stays together.  Again, remembering point two, that family is not always blood.

  4. Don’t shy away from challenge. As important as it is to play together, it is just as important to challenge each other spiritually.  Families need to hold each other accountable to their mission and vision. It is easy to stray. That’s why we can’t do it alone.

  5. Allow kids to participate. The children are watching and learning from us. Give them a chance to ask questions and give their input. You may be surprised by the insight they have. This will build their confidence and make them a participant in the family on mission rather than just an observer.


Jesus calls us to make disciples. The first thing we must do is realize that this is a family activity. Live as a family on mission and make your life worth following. Allow others into your life. Do not close ranks. Step up and step out.

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