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A Reminder of Jesus' Healing

July 2, 2016

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Missions, Discipleship and Motherhood

January 2, 2016

I love my friends and I love their hearts.  Below is an entry from my friend Amy Schafer.  Be blessed friends.

My husband and I have always had a heart for missions.  When children entered the picture we began to tuck away the possibility of serving on a missions field somewhere. 


We continued to serve on missions committees and above our tithe, supported missionaries financially.  We held small group meetings and soaked in the knowledge of scripture in bible studies.  We also professed our salvation in Christ at work and among peers, rarely inviting them into making that decision for themselves.  It became a twisted way for us to justify our inactivity to "go make disciples"- Matthew 28:19


Slowly our children became the only ones we would focus on.  As parents we have a responsibly to "train up a child in the way he (they) should go" - Proverbs 22:6  How could providing a clean, safe environment saturated in the knowledge of scripture not be enough? 


2007 was when God first opened my eyes to what it means to be a disciple. 


He made it clear that it isn't the comfortable road and it comes at a cost.  I must first become a disciple before I can be used by Him to disciple others. 


God was calling me to Haiti.  This was pre-earthquake and I had never heard of Haiti.  With a little research I recognized the great physical and spiritual need.  A medical missions team was going to provide basic medical care to students and community members.  I am a nurse, and what better way to use my skills, right?  I signed up.


Read More On Kim Kintner's Missions in Motherhood in The Stained Glass Family


And then, the gut wrenching, heart breaking good-bye had to happen. 


The temporary physical release of my husband and children to God's care was not only an act of obedience but a leap of faith. 


I had no idea what to expect and I couldn't control any of it while I was there.  I was heading into a country that has the highest poverty level in the Western Hemisphere.  My safety could not be guaranteed.  I had to fall completely into the arms of my sovereign God.  So I did.  God used that trip to begin in me a Biblical view of the World instead of an American view of the bible.  Scriptures that I had memorized became so much more clear.  God's presence was providing this deep gladness that I have only experienced when I am in the middle of his will.  God grabbed hold of my heart and placed a constant tug toward serving this great need.  My service in Haiti didn't end in 2007. 


I specialize in Labor and Delivery nursing.  In 2011 an opportunity to serve on a Women's Health medical team with Mission Possible came up.  We would be holding women's health seminars for students and community women of childbearing age.  36% of deaths in children under 5 years happen during the neonatal (birth - 1 month) period. (2011 Statistics,WHO).  The seminars educate Haitian women and Midwives about how our bodies were created, normal changes in pregnancy, labor and delivery, how to assist with complications in delivery, newborn care and CPR.  An OB screening clinic is held for pregnant women.  A safe delivery kit and postpartum/newborn kit is given to each pregnant mother that attends the seminar.  That is exactly where my heart is as a nurse.  I felt equipped and competent to come alongside their ministry. 


Remembering God's promises and provision I stepped out in faith again. 


2014 marks my fourth short term missions trip with Mission Possible and there is where my "deep gladness" is found.


Where is that gladness for you?  Where is God asking you to step out in faith and be His disciple?  Who are you being asked to disciple? 


For my husband, this place is with High School boys on and off the football field.  Never would I have imagined his position as head coach would place him right in the center of what it means to be a "father to the fatherless". - Psalm 68:5 


In these recent years, God has given our family eyes to see the hurting and WOW families are hurting.  It isn't our calling as disciples to feel sad yet remain in our own comfortable situation with that knowledge.  We are being sent out for the sake of the Gospel as found in Matthew 10.




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